True Love

Love cannot be produced to order! If it does not spring up spontaneously from within, but has to be forced up, it will not usually be true love at all. True love grows out of respect for a person. If you do not respect and admire a person you can never really love him/her.
Sympathy should never be mistaken for love. To marry a girl just because her unfortunate circumstances evoke your sympathy is always extremely unwise.
You may consider it an act of gallantry and sacrifice, but if genuine love does not exist in your heart for her, your marriage can end in a breakdown. Love is an utterly essential pre-requisite in every Christian marriage. Sympathy and pity alone can never be enough.
If you do not respect a girl for her spirituality, the courage of her convictions and her intellectual ability, and if you do not have thoughts of admiration concerning her, it would be unwise to go ahead.
The Bible says that love is the greatest thing in the world (1 Cor. 13:13). We cannot afford to ignore it


About Bamigboye Olayemi

Whatever you do or wherever you find yourself, try to make a difference, try to live a purposeful life by helping others in your own little way because that is all we should all aspire to do in this chaotic world that we find ourselves...we are here for all of us.
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