Flame of Fire: Burning for the Lord

Flame of Fire: Burning for the Lord!
Fire in the scripture has always been a symbol of the Holyspirit, it has been used to signify the power of the spirit of God.
You remember in the book of Acts 2:1-3, on the day of Pentecost, wind and fire were welded together to signify the baptism of the Holyspirit and it was the same fire baptism that transformed the disciples in the upper room into ministers of Flames of Fire who would go out and testify and turn the sinful world upside down.
In the primitive time, christianity did not spread quickly, but it swept over territories and vast areas like a raging fire but sadly today, the fire has long been extinguished while for most Christians or perhaps for some reading this blog, the fire was never kindled. In Europe today,  Christianity is seen as irrelevant to their daily lives. The fire is completely out.
Today Christians do not know anything about the fire, as a car is programmed to move when ignited so also a Christian and the Fire. You’re designed to be empowered by the Fire of the Holyspirit. When the fire is out, you can’t function optimally. Maybe as a Christian you have little affection for things of the Spirit, it could be an indication that that the Fire is out, or you’re not people positively the Fire is likely out.
There are some questions that need to be asked in other to shed more light on what we’re really talking about
Why Fire? Why is the Holyspirit compared to fire, why is it not the gentle spirit which hovered over Jesus when He was baptized?
What does Fire signify?

How is the Fire caught?
How is the Fire quenched?
So shall we start?
Why Fire? We’re used to seeing the Holyspirit being represented as a Dove, and you will agree with me that a dove is tender, gentle and sensitive; so what is now the correlation between the gentle dove and fire.
Fire brings a whole new concept to the character of the Holyspirit of God; fire is used to describe the Holyspirit because fire is part of the Shekinah glory of God. The word ‘Shekinah’ in Hebrew means ‘to dwell’ that is ‘the visible manifestation of The Invincible in His personal presence’. In the old testament, you can hear of the light, wind, fire, cloud, earthquake which all signified the presence of God but in the new testament, the Shekinah glory comes in a new form which is ‘God coming to dwell in His temple-our body’ through His Holyspirit which was signified by flame of fire and this is why the Holyspirit and fire are compared together because the spirit brings the very presence of God into our lives and church. 
What does fire signify?
Fire signifies the following functions in a Christian life:
Fire enlightens and illuminates – the presence of the Holyspirit of God in our lives enlightens us, it guides us, it exposes those dark secrets of our lives that have been blocking us from moving forward.  Like the Israelites were guided by pillar of cloud by the day and the pillar of fire by night to lead them in darkness (Ex 13:21) so also to we Christians, it shines light unto our dark paths to show guidance.
Warming/Revival of the spirit – (Luke 24:13-32) talks about two people walking to Emmaus and Jesus drew near to them along the way and taught them from the books of the prophets and holy scriptures but what happened in verse 32 of the same chapter, the bible recorded that they gained more knowledge about the scripture and they burned with the fire of the Holyspirit within them, meaning they were fired up from within, passions for the things of God were reignited within them. That is the kind of warming/revival that we all need in our lives, churches and pulpits, to be hot for the Lord always. Remember Paul wrote to the Corinthians that “we’re ministers of the spirit, not of letter because the letter kills but the spirit gives life” (2 Cor 3:6). So when the fire is in you, you’ll be continually burning and on fire for the Lord. So reignite your fire today and let it bring life back into you and those seemingly hopeless situations in your life.
It consumes – it’s a spirit of judgment. When it comes into your life, it burns and consumes dross of corruption and sin and worthless things (chaff), and when you walk continually with the spirit, He’ll continue to purge you of those things (worldly weights) until you’re totally free from their shackles and bondages. Psalm 97:3
It cleanses and purifies – now when you give your life to Christ as a new convert; God forgives and takes away our sins, isn’t it? But does it mean you do not sin again? I guess you answered ‘No’ but when the spirit enters into you and the fire is glowing within you, it shows bare/open your sins and loopholes that the devil might exploit so that you’ll be aware of them and take necessary steps towards correcting them. That’s what the fire does in you; it cleanses, purges and purifies you. I saith 1:25;6:6-7

HOW IS THE FIRE CAUGHT?  What conditions should be available before the fire is obtained?
You need to repent of all unknown sins in your life, feel, you surrender everything and all things unto Him, you’ve got to drop them all at His feet.
Ask for the infallIng of the Holy spirit in faith –  Jesus talked about earthly fathers who are evil Yet giving good gifts to their  children,  how much more God who is more than ready and willing to give you even better gifts if only you can ask.
Next you must obey to do what the spirit lays within you to expunge those dirty,  those impurities, obstacles that cannot work with the fire.  And after expunging  and flushing them  out you’ll be filled the more and consumed by the Fire.

How is the fire quenched?
If you ignore  the fire,  Resisted  –  Holy spirit is  a gentle spirit,  He wants all the spaces in your heart,  He wants all the attention,  so when you relegate Him to the background,  you grieve Him and He’s embarrassed; when you allow sin to to take His place He’ll leave and the fire will die. For instance when He says to you “David don’t do that,  don’t go that way and you shut Him up,  you’re simply  resisting Him and He can’t do much in that respect.  1Thess 5:19. Heb 3:19,Acts 7:51
If you no longer tend to Him – When the fire you once carried,  the gift you once were endowed with become underutilized,  when you refuse to feed your spirit man with the needed spiritual food,  when your focus shifts from things of God to ephemeral things,  when you’re no longer committed as you once were then the fire dies off,  the fire quenches and you give the devil a breeding space to take over the affairs of your life.  2Tim 1:6.
If Smothered,  silenced  –  when you put a bucket over a candle,  the result is what you and I know very well that the fire will definitely go out.  So what happens when the cares and worries of this life take over the reins of your life, when tradition is standing in your way to serving God truthfully and faithfully,  when titles,  fames,  positions,  wealth, relationship have each taken sizeable chunks of your devotion to God,  what you have left is either a mow-burnig fire which cannot be a threat to the devil or an outrightly dead fire which makes you vulnerable to the attacks of the devil.  1Thess5:19-20

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