Get involved!

There’s something that I have sensed lately and this has to do with the movement of God through our land to bring about cleansing and revival in almost all the ailing sectors of our world.  It doesn’t matter which country you belong to, the change is happening all over.

God is recruiting end time armies, warriors, soldiers and Generals in this fight. He seeks to bring about restoration in the entertainment sector, He wants to bring revival in the education sector, He wants to restore sanity and orderliness in the fashion sector but He can not come down and infiltrate these sectors Himself, He therefore needs a capable hand, He needs a trustworthy servant who would be ready to commit himself to the cause. Your years of attending church services, Sunday schools, prayer meetings and various discipleship and mentorship classes has not been for fun after all, He was only building you up for days as these… It is time to get up and talk to the world about Jesus, let them know He loves them more than they could imagine, let them know true peace and prosperity can only be obtained in Christ alone… don’t you stand uninterested with your arms wrapped around your chest rather get involved in drawing men to Christ because the world awaits the Ernest manifestations of the sons of God. The time is short brethren, ARISE AND GET INVOLVED!


About Bamigboye Olayemi

Whatever you do or wherever you find yourself, try to make a difference, try to live a purposeful life by helping others in your own little way because that is all we should all aspire to do in this chaotic world that we find ourselves...we are here for all of us.
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