Surround Sound Programming

At some point in our lives we have been victims of different encircling resonances; these sounds could be from our environments or from our emotions (minds) causing distractions of some sort, these distractions if not managed well can ultimately upset the balance of our tranquil life and as a man  or lady, distractions abound every time with every waking moment. To my dear eligible spinsters and bachelors, you are constantly a victim of surround sound technology though the manufacturer might not be DTS or Dolby! You may not have realised this yet but some guys and babes are simply sound engineers, they just know how to wangle surround sound. By surround sound your mind will probably race towards multichannel audio technologies used for both theatrical/consumer grade applications owned Dolby and DTS, Inc…and quite rightly the idea for the founding of this technology was birthed by similar experiences humans go through in their daily lives.

So what is a “surround sound” you might ask? It’s simply your environment canopied by the presence of a man or lady (lurking around you like monitoring spirits) furnishing you with incessant phone calls, constant sound of text messaging and notifications on social media platforms (BBM, twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp etc).

When you open your eyes to the breaking of the day there’s a loving text waiting for you, when you are at your table in the office there’s a monitoring spirit in form of (BBM, Twitter notification) disrupting your flow with sweet messages that can set you on an emotional roller coaster; when you go to bed at night there’s a text or deep baritone voice ushering you to sleep. He/she’s the first person you talk to in the morning (even before God) he/she’s the last person you talk to at night. He/she is everywhere you go (reminds me of MTN)! Darling, Love, Baby, Boo, Bae, Sugar, Sweetheart, Honey, Sweeriepie… it won’t be long before he/she gets you! Those words are messing up your brain with a speed similar to the speed of light, your body tickles in expectation of those phonic expressions of blandishment! “How was your night darling?” “Was the mattress comfy sweetheart?” “Have you had something to eat today honey?” “Baby where would you prefer I take you to for dinner?” (As if she told him she was hungry) “Sweety, [often pronounced “sweerie”] was the ride to the office smooth?” “Honey, do you want me to cook for you?”…and you start chortling from mouth to mouth thinking you have finally found the one (shaking my head as an African mother does when her grown up daughter fights for souvenir at her age mate’s wedding).

Kindness breeds attractiveness and this is the reason a kind heart is always seen as beautiful irrespective of what the physical appearance portrays. By the time you combine this show of care with the tonal quality of the mellifluous voice; you’re finished! Even though it is true words mean a lot to women, I’m of the opinion that it’s even truer for men; and not just the very words but tonality too. Her voice on the phone painted a wonderful “picture” of her in your imagination though you hadn’t met her. By the time you finally met her you’d been so hypnotized that the reality discrepancy didn’t mean a thing. The look is different from how they sounded on the phone (black market). The voice tone created a covering/veil around your brain processors effectively slowing it down to that of a laptop with a 256MB RAM; reality becomes skewed. She somehow strikes you as “Beautiful!” though many will remove the exclamation mark from your assessment without a thought. Love and lust create impairment of judgment and as long as you love and lust you’re prone to misrepresentation of reality, and when your gape is layered on a partial charm of a reality concocted by surround sound you won’t see the obvious.

There was once a man who never realized how beautiful his woman is, he never saw it, he couldn’t just see it and most of us are like that, sometimes in life we are just oblivious of the obvious! And occasionally who we think loves us is the creation of surround sound by an interested party. There are those who specialize in the synthetic manipulation of proximity/closeness to produce a phony realism of affection. I know of an uncle of mine who was reprogrammed by the surround sound of a lady. My uncle was an usher in the church and here comes the lady as a worshiper ready to join the church but unbeknownst to my uncle or any member of the church, this lady was actually in desperate search for a husband. They started getting familiar with each passing day and before anyone could say ‘Jack Robinson’ this lady was already pregnant. A great fight broke out as my uncle’s family tried rejecting the reality of the pregnancy though they eventually succumbed and my uncle had no choice but to marry the lady.

There are three types of perception: what we see with our own eyes; what we see with our mind; and what we desire to see. Our eyes, minds and passions see different realities. What we “see” with our mind is greatly influenced by what we hear; works with the same principle of faith. Faith comes by hearing or isn’t that what the bible says? Surround sounds creates what is termed “faith realities”.  Because faith is the evidence of things not seen you’ll tend to see what is not there. “Faith reality”.  In other words, what we hear is so much powerful it can paint a picture that overwrites what we actually see.  Faith does have a bearing on what we “see” through the prism of passions, lusts and desires

Faith is also the substance of THINGS HOPED FOR, so you’ll definitely “see” what you hope for but not reality! Our lusts and desires have the tendency of making us see what we desire in someone but not what is essentially there! If the “faith reality” generated by this person is strong enough he/ she’ll succeed in marrying you. That’s the simple fact! It’s why some marriages are baffling- and how some people end up marrying obviously manipulative partners. In simple term faith is a possibility term because everything deemed impossible is achievable through faith, Master faith. This is typical of a persistent young man in the pursuit of a girl; he’s simply trying to leverage the principle of supplication in the bible.

The principle of supplication works on the wearing down of resistance through sheer persistence (Luke 11:5-10 NLT).  And the lady goes from “NO!” to “No” to “no” to “You know…” to “May be” to “Yes!” There are so many dimensions of faith, it depends on your understanding and application of it and it works across many strata of one’s life. Faith can move mountains you know, including the mountain of objection to conjugal pursuit! However, never confuse the workings of faith articulated in scriptures with the ‘so-called’ New Age teachings. You’ve got to be careful about so called “Laws of Attraction”, that’s a dangerous territory to tread. They call them “New Thought” but they’re in fact age-old explorations of metaphysical principles- be wise. So in your dealings with that man or lady who has been the source of the surround sounds around, I’d advise you to be wise as serpent and shine your eyes very well, critically and prayerfully analyse any red flag that presents itself in the course of your interactions together, do not ignore the counsel of others as well and be deliberate about love…be led.


About Bamigboye Olayemi

Whatever you do or wherever you find yourself, try to make a difference, try to live a purposeful life by helping others in your own little way because that is all we should all aspire to do in this chaotic world that we find ourselves...we are here for all of us.
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